Our Mission & Approach


The Inclusion Playbook is a Sports Impact project led by civil rights advocate and former Division 1 athlete Ashland Johnson with the goal of empowering social change agents to transform communities in and through sports. 

We work with a collaborative network of athletes, schools, sports equity experts, government agencies, and social justice advocates. Our services equip leaders to leverage their social responsibility resources and initiatives for greater returns in their sports organizations and target communities.

Our Focus Areas​


While we work with our clients to address a wide range of social justice issues, our primary areas of focus are racial justice, gender equity, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

Right now, we consider transgender athletes' inclusion and equity to be an urgent and top priority nationwide.

Learn more about our history, partnerships, and connections between sports and social justice.

We envision a world where all communities are emboldened and empowered to transform society in and through sports. ​

What sets us apart?

We know sports

We are former athletes and sports professionals who know, understand, and believe in the power of athletic spaces.


We know social justice

We are seasoned civil rights and inclusion advocates with established relationships in social justice communities.



We know policy

We have the expertise to provide independent policy and legislative analysis.

Transform your community, create socially equitable spaces, build meaningful community partnerships, and amplify your social impact in and through sports.