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Strategic Planning & Program Design

Having a comprehensive game plan is critical for sports DEI initiatives to be successful.

We work with clients to establish short-term and long-term DEI goals, then design and implement a programming strategy to activate key stakeholders and sports community members. No two strategies are the same, but they might include: ​DEI assessments and trainings, events for stakeholder engagement and education, DEI messaging support, educational resource and development and distribution.

(Note: Consider our Program Evaluation & Research service to measure your programming impact, make adjustments as needed, and ensure that your DEI initiatives are meeting their intended goals.)

"Our Social Responsibility team has worked with the Inclusion Playbook for over a year. Ashland's extensive background in sports and social justice, combined with her law and policy training, makes her uniquely qualified to do sports equity work. The Inclusion Playbook has helped us develop new programs and resources on issues of LGBTQ inclusion and gender equity."

—David Dietz, NBA, Director of Social Responsibility

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