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Liam Miranda

Senior Director of Research and Training 


Liam is a proud transgender researcher and former D1 student-athlete who is passionate about using data science to galvanize social change in sports. With a background in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and public policy -- he is invested in interdisciplinary work and has experience organizing across sectors and movements to accomplish equity-related goals. He currently co-leads research and programmatic implementation at the Inclusion Playbook to best equip athletes, teams, and sporting organizations with the tools needed to maximize the impact of their social justice work.


Liam is also involved in principal data collection, analysis, and publication for a variety of research projects — ranging from assessing LGBTQ public health campaigns to measuring and improving diversity and equity in nonprofit leadership. Liam was formerly the Senior Research Manager at the Human Rights Campaign, where he led research that helped shape and strengthen the HRC Foundation’s public education, policy, and programmatic work to advance LGBTQ inclusion. At the Human Rights Campaign, Liam also co-founded the Sports Equality project. Prior to this role, Liam was the Research and Program Manager at Athlete Ally where he designed best policies and practices for LGBTQ inclusion in athletic institutions.


Liam is also passionate about using inclusive, thoughtful data science to improve policy-making processes - and has worked in roles for the State of North Carolina, Alexandria; VA, and Durham; NC. 

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